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🎙️ CVCS Podcast Network

The Capistrano Valley Christian Schools Podcast Network (CVCSPN) is a collection of podcasts produced by CVCS students and faculty. It’s designed to promote the school, serve its stakeholders and programs, and enhance academic opportunities for our students. From our podcast studio on campus, the CVCSPN releases multiple podcast episodes every week across various podcast feeds. A core tenet of our Podcast Network is to involve students at every step of the process. All CVCS students, regardless of their grade level, can be involved in any part of the production of an episode: writing, recording, and/or editing! No episode on our network is published without some student involvement somewhere in its production!

You may subscribe to any of our podcasts on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more! You may also listen to any of our episodes further below on this page. If you want to learn more about our network, get involved, or have any questions, please contact

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Main Podcast

The main podcast feed features all the latest news from around CVCS! Episodes include information about the school, its programs and or upcoming events, “get to know you” interviews with faculty and staff, trailers for other shows on the CVCSPN, and much more!


Every Thursday, the CVCS Athletics podcast features Gradeigh Sanchez and Ms. Baker delivering updates about the athletics programs at CVCS. Episodes include updates on teams’ seasons, recent scores and results, looking ahead to upcoming games, and interviews with athletes and coaches!


The Chapels podcast features the sermons of each week’s elementary, junior high, and high school chapels!

Brewing with Jim

Every Tuesday, join ASL teacher and pastor Jim Brewington as he answers student-submitted questions about life, God, education, and more!

Mission Memoirs

In “Mission Memoirs,” fourth-grade students explore the rich history of California missions and share experiences from their in-depth research.

Growing Pains

In “Growing Pains,” Mrs. Kronenberg’s students explore the complex intersection of progress and its inherent costs.

Voices of Virtue

In “Voices of Virtue,” Mr. Montes’ seniors discuss, compare, and contrast how Christian virtues can lead us to “eudaimonia,” or “The Good Life."

New Worlds

In “New Worlds,” Mr. Robertson’s British Literature students reflect on the parallels between our modern world and the world in Huxley’s “Brave New World.”