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Academic Counseling

CVCS offers students a robust and deeply personal academic counseling process beginning in ninth grade, preparing them to get into the college of their dreams. College counseling is centered on individual relationships with students and a partnership with each family to provide professional guidance and insight on the college search and application process.

Shanon Baker

Shanon Baker

Academic Counselor, 7th–10th grade
Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell

Academic Counselor, 11th and 12th grade

What We Do

At CVCS, the academic counseling department's mission is to guide our students through their high school journey with a holistic and Christ-centered approach, empowering them to set and achieve their personal and academic goals. We believe in the importance of preparing them for college and beyond, grounded in the faith that the Lord has a unique and positive plan for each of their lives.

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to personalized, compassionate support. We strive to ensure that every student feels recognized, understood, and advocated for within our community. Our interactions are not just about academic guidance but fostering a deep, spiritual connection that nurtures their growth and wellbeing.

We offer an annual academic meeting for each family, designed to establish and revisit goals, ensuring that every student's journey is aligned with their aspirations and capabilities. This personalized planning session is a cornerstone of our commitment to individualized support.

Our open-door policy reflects our dedication to being readily available for our students, offering them a sanctuary for emotional and spiritual support whenever they need it. We believe in being accessible and responsive, creating a nurturing environment where students feel comfortable seeking guidance.

Our comprehensive college counseling services are tailored to each student and their family, providing expert advice and insights into the college search and application process. We partner closely with families to navigate this pivotal stage, ensuring that our students are well-equipped to make informed decisions about their future.

In everything we do, our aim is to create a supportive, faith-filled community where students are encouraged to explore their potential, guided by values and a sense of purpose.

Our Process


Freshman and Sophomore Years

  • Annual academic and college planning meeting with student and parents

  • Develop an individualized four- year plan  

  • Introduction to Naviance, take self assessments, work on resume, and start researching career interests

  • 9th/10th Grade Information Night

  • College Representatives on campus 

  • Take the PSAT at CVCS 

  • Test results analysis with college counselor

  • Local college fairs


Junior Year

  • Annual academic and college planning meeting with student and parents

  • Review goals and four year plan 

  • Start building college interest list 

  • Naviance self and career assessments with a counselor

  • 11th Grade Information Night 

  • PSAT at CVCS

  • Test results analysis with a college counselor

  • College Representatives on campus

  • College campus visit 

  • NCAA Eligibility Application


Senior Year

  • College Application Workshop in the summer before 12th grade

  • 12th Grade Information Night 

  • Senior Session: Academic and college planning/application meeting with student and parents

  • College representatives on campus

  • College campus visit 

  • Ongoing advising for all portions of the college application process

  • Assistance with obtaining letters of recommendation 

  • Counselor writes letters of recommendation, sends transcripts and fills out Secondary school reports

  • Counselor helps with college essay topics, ideas and brainstorming

  • Assistance with Financial Aid and scholarships 

  • College Decision Day


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