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Canvas LMS

At Capistrano Valley Christian Schools, the high school uses Canvas as its “Learning Management System” (LMS). An LMS is an essential resource for a school, and Canvas is a leader in its industry and the most popular LMS in the country, renowned for its reliability and support, cutting-edge features, integrations with other services we use, and rich customization for teachers and students.

In short, Canvas is the home for parents and students to connect with all high school classes at CVCS. Through Canvas exclusively, high school students and their parents will:

  • View each course’s syllabus
  • View all past and upcoming assignments, including their due dates and point values
  • View scores on any graded assignments, including any feedback left by their teachers
  • View a student’s current overall grade in any class
  • Submit completed work to their teacher
  • Send a message to any teacher
  • …and much more!

All Canvas accounts for high school students and their parents are created automatically each summer. Although courses won’t begin to populate until the first day of school, you can log in anytime using the instructions at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions or issues with Canvas this year, please reach out to the school’s Educational Technologist, Mr. Joseph Jasper at

How PARENTS can log into Canvas:
1. Click on the “Parent Login” button below, or go to
2. Click on “Forgot Password?”
3. Type in your email address (the same email registered with your FACTS account) and press “Request Password.”
4. If the email address is on file Canvas will send you a password reset email. Click the link in the email that Canvas sends you.
5. Create a password for yourself and confirm, and log in again at the link in step one if necessary.

How STUDENTS and TEACHERS can log into Canvas:
1. Make sure that your browser is signed into your school Google Account (ending with “” or “”).
2. Click on the “Student/Teacher Login” button below, or go to
3. We highly recommend creating a bookmark in your browser and manually copying and pasting the “/saml” link as its destination. Doing this will log you in through Google every time!