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Students grow and thrive in our culture

At CVCS, the intentional development of culture is one of the most important things we do. But building culture is not a formulaic exercise; it is a natural outpouring of the shared values of an institution. What makes our school an experience unlike any other is that our faculty, staff, parents, and students have a widely shared set of values that create culture naturally as an outpouring of who we are. This common set of characteristics permeates every part of our operations, and the result is an environment that is radically and positively different. Come experience our culture for yourself.

Creating meaningful relationships with teachers

CVCS teachers are credentialed, experienced Christian educators and mentors who truly love their students and are committed to providing an elite-level academic experience to prepare students for admission into the best colleges and universities in America. Our academic programs provide a challenging but appropriate level of rigor to help students achieve their academic goals while maintaining a healthy, balanced life.

Becoming leaders well prepared for life

Our goal is to prepare students for life and leadership by equipping students to get into their dream college and career with the help of our outstanding programs, college counselors, and teachers. Athletes are prepared to take their athletic careers at the collegiate level with the help of our exceptional coaches—51 CVCS athletes have signed the National Letter of Intent in the past five years alone. We equip students to think biblically, defend their faith, and serve others through missions opportunities each year. The future is bright for CVCS students!