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International Students

We’re glad that you are interested in participating in a global community of students and staff where we seek to share and develop broad cultural understandings and a more complete view of the world around us. Studying, learning, and sharing knowledge together prepares us to be good citizens of a global society and to meet our school’s mission that “all the peoples of the earth may know that the Lord is God” (1 Kings 8:60).

The CVCS school community is enriched by 20 different countries, all from diverse backgrounds that bring unique perspectives to the classroom.

Our school was founded over fifty years ago, and the International Student Program has existed for almost twenty of those years. The program’s excellence is demonstrated by having received an Exemplary Program Award from our school’s accrediting body—a prestigious acknowledgment of excellence. We welcome students of any religion, race, or ethnicity and are proud of the quality and diversity of our international program.

Please read the information on this page as it contains answers to many questions frequently asked. If you cannot find an answer or would like to inquire or book a campus tour, please email me at We look forward to having you on campus!

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Dr. Heidi Zameni

Dr. Heidi Zameni

Director of International Students

Filmed and edited by CVCS international student Changyu (James) Bao 

Welcoming our international students for the 2023-2024 school year. Each are from diverse backgrounds and we are excited for what they will bring to our campus life. Read below for a short bio on each student.

Kosuke Toyonaga

Country: Japan
Grade: 10th
Interests: American football—wants to play Division 1 football in college, and he’s
already on his way by joining the CVCS Eagles football team

Enmeng (Ariel) Xie

Country: China
Grade: 9th
Interests: performing arts, tennis, anything related to visual art, psychology, and journalism (her mother worked as a broadcaster)

Linkai (Cory) Fu

Country: China
Grade: 10th
Likes: dogs (has 2), basketball (attended a camp in Houston), sailing (American
catamaran), piano, physics/programming (wants to study astrophysics/aerospace)

Zitao (Jim) Chi

Country: China
Grade: 10th
Interests: basketball, soccer, playing the guitar, fencing, volunteer work, music,
reading, and most extracurricular activities

Akinori Go

Country: China
Grade: 10th
Likes: basketball, international business (loves product design), can speak 3 languages, studied in Connecticut at a boarding school and loves to socialize

Zhixin (Joy) Fang

Country: China/Hong Kong
Grade: 10th
Interests: visual art, performing arts, music (has played the piano for six years), interested in studying dentistry in college

Jacobo Cobian Massanet

Country: Spain
Grade: 11th
Interests: surfing, surfing, and more surfing, but also likes golf and soccer, and would like to learn more about international business

Zien (Zion) Ding

Country: China
Grade: 9th
Interests:  tennis (won first place in a competition), anything related to the outdoors and the mountains (participated in a shot put competition), math

Yuchen (Charlie) Huang

Country: Taiwan
Grade: 9th
Interests: basketball, theater/singing, playing the drums and guitar, physics, would love to start or be involved in a robotics or computer club

The opportunities for international students at Capistrano Valley Christian Schools is beyond what you have at other private schools. The continuous love and support at CVCS is similar to a family. As soon as I transferred into CVCS I felt right at home with all of the support from the students, staff, and faculty. Alex C, 9th Grade International Student From China

Who is an "international" student?

All students who need a visa to attend school will automatically be enrolled as international students. In addition, students who are NOT United States citizens, who DO possess a green card, or who DO NOT possess native-like fluency in English will be asked to complete the international student application to determine status. The final determination will be made by the Admission Committee prior to offering admission. The status of the student upon enrollment will be the status for the entire duration of study. Based on English proficiency tests, a student may also be enrolled in SDAIE courses to assist with language development. Students are required to have intermediate English proficiency or higher to be admitted.

English Proficiency

Students in grades 6 through 8 must possess advanced (near fluent) English proficiency to apply as no ESL support is offered. For grades 9-12 (high school), students must possess an intermediate level of English proficiency to apply. SDAIE courses are offered to support high school students in the subjects of English, Bible, and History.

Important Facts

Application Process

To apply, you will need to gather these items:

1. Application fee payable by credit card
2. Completed immunization form (if this is in your native language, you will need to translate it into English before admission on the CDPH form, but we must have BOTH the native language and the English translation on file)

 CDPH Immunizations.pdf

3. Clear copy of your passport

4. Current bank statement showing sufficient funds to cover tuition and housing for the year (only required for F-1 visa applicants)
5. Official transcripts with scores and a grading scale listed in English:

  • For grades K-8 applications, two years of transcripts are required, including the current semester if completed.
  • For grades 9-12 applications, middle school (grades 7 and 8) and high school transcripts are required, including the current semester if completed.

6. Letters of Recommendation (note: when you apply, there will be a place for you to fill in the email address of the person who will complete this--you do not need to obtain these letters ahead of time as they are confidential and sent directly to us):

  • For grades K-6, one teacher or administrator recommendation is sufficient.
  • For grades 7-12, a letter of recommendation must be received from an administrator, English teacher, and math teacher.

7. English proficiency test results. For grades K-8, students MUST at least be at an advanced level of English proficiency (near fluent) as we do not provide language support in the lower grades. For grades 9-12, we require an intermediate level of proficiency, but most of our students test at the high intermediate to advanced levels. We provide SDAIE courses the first year to help with language development. We accept any industry-standard test, such as TOEFL Jr., Duolingo, iTEP Slate, and IELTS. If you are unsure if a test is acceptable, please ask.

8. Student essay (grades 9-12 ONLY). You will be asked to write a one-page essay on a specific topic when you apply. You do not need to prepare anything in advance, but please plan on allowing enough time to complete this during the application process.

9. Ready to apply? Great! Click Apply Now ⬇️

2023-2024 International Tuition

First page of the PDF file: 2023-2024-International-Tuition-and-Fee-Schedule